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Disturbing New Details Emerge In Casey Anthony Case

Disturbing New Details Emerge In Casey Anthony Case Promo Image

New details have emerged in the case of Casey Anthony, the Orlando, Florida, woman accused of murdering her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, in 2008. A new book, "Privilege Waived — Part II: Remember Me?" alleges Anthony drove around for five days with her daughter's body in the trunk of her car before disposing of the body in a lot.

Since being acquitted of murdering her daughter in 2011, Anthony has maintained a relatively low profile, according to the Daily Mail.

Five months after Caylee's death on June 16, 2008, the Anthony family hired the book's author, Dominic Casey, who was a detective at the time, to locate her remains.

According to the book, Anthony made various online searches for "fool proof suffocation," suffocation by plastic bag, and "heated wires can melt disposable breathing circuits" on the day Caylee was killed. She then allegedly logged into her Facebook page and shut off her phone for half an hour around the time that Caylee died.

"[Anthony] had changed Caylee into her bathing suit," Dominic writes in his book. "She walked her into the backyard and hooked the ladder onto the pool platform. [Anthony] guided Caylee up the ladder to the pool then maliciously drowned her."

Anthony pulled her daughter out of the pool and carried her through the side gate and into the garage, the book says. The body was then put into the trunk of the car, where it was left for five days.

After five days, "body fluids had leaked out from the black garbage bags into the laundry bag, the trunk and onto Mama Doll, [Anthony's] clothes, her black boots and the white trash bag," Dominic wrote.

Anthony took the body to a swampy lot full of garbage and "literally threw Caylee's body down inside of the swampy lot," Dominic writes. "She returned to her car and drove off."

After family and police eventually learned that Caylee was missing, Anthony made up several lies about the girl's disappearance, including that the two of them were traveling and later that the girl was with a nanny who was never found, CNN reported.

Witnesses reported that Anthony never acted concerned about the girl's disappearance, nor did she ask for help finding her; instead, she spent a significant amount of time partying at nightclubs and going shopping.

Sources: Daily Mail, CNN / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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