Owners Giggle While Throwing Cat Into Spinning Dryer (Video)


Three people have been reported to the police after video footage surfaced showing them throwing a cat in a dryer and turning the dryer on.

The abuse took place after the cat’s owners gave the animal a bath and were deciding how to dry it. Instead of, you know, using a towel, the owners giggled as they twice stuffed the cat in a spin dryer and turned the dryer on.

The cat’s first round in the dryer lasted about 15 seconds. The owners then took the frightened feline out of the dryer and set it on the ground. The cat was so dizzy it couldn’t walk. The people then picked up the cat again and forced it into the dryer a second time. The owners made faces and giggled as the cat spun in the dryer.

Here is the footage. Be warned, it’s tough to watch:

The footage was first posted to social media by one of the cat’s owners. They took the video down after intense criticism, but not before other social media users downloaded it and spread it around the web.

One of the people seen in the video, Alonya, refuses to apologize for the cruel act.

“It was never our intention to kill the cat and there was no water inside the machine,” Alonya wrote on a Facebook post. “…To all those who criticize my family, I say you are disgusting. You are talking about me and our parents and yet you are behaving worse than we did. I ask you to draw your own conclusions about that. I also want to ask why you are so silent about everything else that is going on, which is so much worse. What about the treatment of war veterans or the murder of people by all sorts of souls. Why is there no one getting so upset about Crimea but everybody going on about a cat?”

According to Russian media, the cat is in a shelter now and will hopefully have a new home soon. 

Source: MailOnline, LiveLeak


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