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Dispatchers Surprise Man Who Called Them 4,000 Times In One Week (Video)

Dispatchers at an emergency call center in Utah surprised a man who called them 4,000 times in one week with an early Christmas present.

According to reports, Valley Emergency Communications Center recently received 4,000 calls in just one week from the same number, and every time, the caller would immediately hang up the phone. When they tried to call him back, dispatchers say they never were able to reach him.

Concerned, dispatchers decided to ask local police for help in figuring out who the mystery caller was. Upon further investigation, officers determined that a special needs man was the one behind the calls.

30-year-old David VanBibber was the man on the other end of the phone, only police determined that he had no idea he was making emergency calls. VanBibber was given an older phone so that he could listen to music, and although the phone was not able to make or receive calls, it was set up to dial 911 in case of emergencies.

Every time VanBibber went to listen to music, he accidentally called 911, so ultimately his phone had to be taken away. Upon hearing the reason for the thousands of calls, however, dispatchers at Valley Emergency Communications Center decided they would all chip in and get the 30-year-old a touchscreen iPod so that he wouldn’t be left without a way to listen to music.

When dispatchers presented VanBibber with the generous gift, he was obviously thrilled, but the emergency call center workers went even further by giving the man a $100 iTunes gift card.

VanBibber’s parents say that the generous gifts are “simply amazing” and that their entire family is touched by the sincere act of kindness.

Sources: Inquisitr, KMBC, KUTV / Photo Sources: Inquisitr, KMBC


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