Dispatchers At Brooklyn 911 Call Center Break Out In Heated Dispute When One Says Murdered Officers 'Deserved It'


A heated dispute at a 911 call center reportedly broke out on Saturday between operators after they learned that two New York Police Department officers were murdered.

According to reports, operators at the Brooklyn-based call center reportedly began arguing when one said that the two murdered officers “deserved it.” The murder, which happened Saturday night, involved a suspect who shot them at point blank range as they sat in their cars, completely unsuspecting, before turning the gun on himself.

Two NYPD dispatchers and two FDNY dispatchers were reportedly screaming at each other in the call center upon hearing the news that Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu were killed.

Despite the heated argument, none of the involved dispatchers were disciplined for the outbreak.

“The 911 call operators are extremely dedicated to their jobs and do everything they can to protect and help police officers at all times,” a spokesman for the District Council 37’s Local 1549 said. “We are proud to wear the NYPD patch on our uniforms, and at this time, all our energy is going toward helping the families of the two officers who were tragically killed.”

Reports note that the argument was between the FDNY and NYPD dispatchers, and EMS dispatchers allegedly stayed out of the dispute.

Sources:NY Daily News, JammieWF / Photo Source: NY Daily News


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