Woman Accidentally Labelled Sexual Predator By State

A Florida woman is suing the state after it accidentally labeled her a "sexual predator" on her driver's license. 

Tammy Lemasters visited Disney World with her three kids, but was immediately detained upon entering after employees saw what was printed on her driver's license, reports Mad World News. 

"Lemasters started noticing people were treating her the wrong way,” said attorney John Phillips, who is representing her. “A hotel wouldn’t let her stay. [She] went to Disney World, the ‘Happiest Place on Earth,’ and they said, ‘We can’t let you in the park,'” he told the Orlando Sentinel. 

Lemasters, who had recently moved from West Virginia to Florida, got a new driver's license and didn't notice what was printed in the corner. 

"They asked me to check my name and address, and that's what I checked," Lemasters said. "The sexual-predator box is in the lower corner, and she had her finger there. I just took it and put it in my wallet. No one checks for 'sexual predator' on your license."

"The DMV simply clicked 'sexual predator' instead of 'organ donor,'" said Phillips. "There aren't any warning screens once an employee clicks 'sexual predator,' and there should be."  

Phillips says the notation of "sexual predator" on Lemasters' ID comes from a "Scarlet Letter" law introduced by former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, which requires all sexual offenders to be labeled as such on their identification.  

John Lucas, a DMV spokesman in Tallahassee, said the agency has plans to update its driver's license systems, but in the meantime people need to make sure everything is OK before they leave the DMV.

Phillips points out that this isn't the first time such a mistake has been made. He claims to have been contacted by three individuals over the past few years who have been accidentally labeled sexual predators, including one blind man.  

Lemasters has since gotten the "sexual predator" label removed from her ID, but is going forward with a lawsuit against the state. 

Sources: Mad World News, Orlando Sentinel / Photo credit: Mad World News

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