Disney Pepper-Spray Incident Part of California Pattern

Disneyland guest Glenn Horlacher, 53, just found out the hard way that you do not mess with the Magical Kingdom Police.

Video shows security guards at the Anaheim, California theme park spraying the guest repeatedly with pepper spray while bystanders yell and cheer in support. Horlacher hurls profanity at the cops all throughout the recording, while the peppery onslaught continues.

"There are kids here," one woman is heard saying. "You're at Disneyland!"

Horlacher punched and kicked one of the security guards before eventually being taken down, at which point he received a second helping of pepper spray applied directly to the eyes from point-blank range.

The video looks pretty brutal, but a spokesperson for Disneyland told CBS Los Angeles that the security guard who got kicked had to be treated at the hospital so perhaps his actions were justified.

The Disney pepper spray incident is just one more videotaped altercation in a disturbing Golden State trend. Last fall "Occupy" protesters were doused with copious amounts of the caustic spray by university police at UC Davis. Video of the incident appeared on the web shortly after, inciting a public uproar over the perceived use of excessive force.

So is it fair to compare the two pepper spray videos? Is California rapidly becoming the nation's police brutality capital (again)? Or are these incidents unrelated?

Let us know what you think.


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