Disney Child Star Arrested After Robbing Bank


Former Disney child star Joey Cramer was arrested by Canadian police on suspicion of holding up a bank April 28.

Cramer is famous for playing a 12-year-old boy who gets abducted in the 1986 movie "Flight of the Navigator," which also starred Paul Reubens and Sarah Jessica Parker.  His acting career only lasted for a few years, ending in 1987.

Cramer was wearing a disguise, but was easily recognized by police officers when they watched the bank's surveillance video as they have had previous encounters with Cramer, according to CBC News.

The 42-year-old allegedly wore a wig and demanded an undisclosed amount of cash from a Sechelt Bank 30 miles northwest of Vancouver, the New York Daily News reports.

Cramer reportedly fled the bank on foot, and was ultimately arrested April 30.  In addition to robbery charges, Cramer also faces charges of failing to stop for a peace officer and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle.

The former actor made the headlines in 2011 when he was accused of cashing fake checks throughout the province.  

It is unknown if Cramer was armed during the bank hold-up.  He is currently in custody and is slated to appear before a court May 4.

Sources: New York Daily News, CBC News / Photo credit: Disney via New York Daily News

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