Disney Animator Admits To Sacrificing Emotional Range In Princesses To ‘Keep Them Pretty’

Disney’s head of animation for the upcoming movie “Frozen” admitted the secret to a successful Disney princess is keeping them pretty at the cost of having them look human.

"Historically speaking, animating female characters are really, really difficult,” Lino Disalvo told Fanvoice, “’cause they have to go through these range of emotions, but they’re very, very — you have to keep them pretty and they’re very sensitive to – you can get them off-model very quickly.”

But “Frozen” has more than two female leads.

“So, having a film with two hero female characters was really tough,” he added, “and having them both in the scene and look very different if they’re echoing the same expression; that Elsa (Idina Menzel) looking angry looks different from Anna (Kristen Bell) being angry.”

Despite attempting to chose his words wisely, Disalvo sparked outrage online.

"Why can't women and girls just look human? Why is beauty their most important feature?" one commenter asked.

“Well that's a seriously morbid, vile, and simply repulsive way to view animation and character design at its basics,” said another.

Disney’s only female hero who didn’t a waist smaller than her neck was Merida of “Brave.” Earlier this year Disney’s Pixar released a thinner, sexier version of Merida and a pubic backlash ensured.

Sources: Christian Science Monitor, Fanvoice


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