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Dismembered Body of Bronx Mom Tanya Byrd Discovered on Tuesday

Tanya Byrd’s dismembered body was discovered by a dog walker early on Tuesday morning in the Bronx. Her body parts were stuffed into three heavy duty plastic garbage bags and a duffel bag. The bags were tossed onto a pile of garbage and old furniture. Police have a witness who says that the remains were discarded by someone driving a silver SUV sometime before dawn.  

Byrd, 52, was last seen on Monday morning with her ex-boyfriend. The woman’s sister, Cassandra McQueen, said Byrd had been threatened by the man in the past. According to The Daily News, Byrd has two adult children and a seven-year-old son. When her body was found, some of Byrd’s body parts were still in the clothes she was wearing when she died. Her head, hands, torso, legs and shoulder were all found less than a half-mile from her home.

“He has threatened her life,” McQueen said when talking about her sister’s ex-boyfriend. “He has threatened to kill her. I told my sister to stay away from him, but she said he’s harmless and not to worry.” Apparently Byrd, a private nursing aide, was forced to kick the man out of her house about 18 months ago.

Byrd was described by a friend as “a good person and a good mom. No one gives her trouble. She gives no one trouble. She’s a quiet, hardworking woman.”

Her death will be especially tough on her young son, Nasyr, who has Down syndrome. McQueen said that he was one of the things that Byrd treasured most. “She’s a loving mother, very devoted to her son,” said McQueen. “That’s what she lived for. That’s her joy in life.”

Byrd’s remains have been brought to the medical examiner’s office for an autopsy. Police are searching her apartment for clues about what happened. She called in sick to work on Monday.

Source: (Daily News)


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