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'Disgusted' McDonald's Customer Discovers Beard Hair In McMuffin Sandwich (Photos)


A woman in Scotland was shocked to discover that her McMuffin sandwich from McDonalds was covered in what appeared to be beard trimmings.

April Gilmour, 24, said she’d eaten half of the sandwich before even noticing the short, thick hairs sprinkled throughout it. She subsequently posted a photo of the sandwich on Facebook, which was shared over 600 times.

“This was my sausage and egg McMuffin from McDonald's in Kilmarnock this morning,” she wrote. “I had eaten half of it and opened it up to put more sauce in and noticed it was full of hair shavings. Disgusting! The manager told me they operate a clean shave policy — well clearly some wee radge has shaved all over their uniform and it's fell into my breakfast.

“It's obviously an accident but I feel sick to my stomach thinking about it,” she added.

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Gilmour said the incident was so disgusting that it turned her, as well as her husband Ross, off from McDonald’s food for good.

“It's definitely put us off for life. April felt disgusted,” Gilmour's husband said. “She had just got it and had gone to sit and eat it in her car when she found the hairs. She told the manager who was apologetic but said he could clearly see the hair in it. April decided to post the picture of it thinking we could warn people.”

The McDonald’s restaurant, located in Kilmarnock, Scotland, responded to the incident, saying that they had apologized to Gilmour for what happened.

“Ms Gilmour has been sent a letter of apology which should be with her tomorrow,’ a spokesman said. “We are sorry for her experience when visiting our restaurant. Food safety is our highest priority and both our restaurants and our suppliers place great emphasis on food hygiene and following rigorous standards in order to avoid imperfections in our products. We have launched an investigation following the reporting of this incident.”

Source: Daily Mail / Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons, 


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