Disabled Woman Claims Animal Rescue Group Director Stole Her Dog


A Tennessee animal rescue organization called the Humane Alliance of Rutherford County is accused of taking a disabled woman’s purebred Black Long-Hair Chihuahua and planning to sell it for profit.

The dog owner is Freda Haddix of Murfreesboro, who says her husband and Buddy, a Long-Hair Black Chihuahua are her life. She told Fox17 that Buddy was taken by Penny Jekot, the Director of the Humane Alliance, when she contacted the group to see if they could put her in touch with a trainer who could housebreak her little dog.

The Haddix family says that the Human Alliance Director came to their home and had them sign a paper without allowing them time to read it, saying she was in a hurry. She then took Buddy and said she would return him as soon as he was housebroken.

However, Freda Haddix states that she has not been able to get Buddy back. According to Fox News, “That was the last time the Haddix family saw Buddy.

Freda Haddix says she kept calling and checking on Buddy's progress, "The last time I called, she said with a nasty horrible attitude, don't call back here no more. You're not getting your dog back."

A woman, who was reportedly Penny Jekot, was interviewed by Fox17 by phone and stated that Buddy had been signed over to her by both Mr. and Mrs. Haddix.

Reporter Stacy Case asked, “Are you planning to sell him? What are you going to do with the dog?

The woman answered; "That's none of your business, woman."

The Murfreesboro Police Department is so far calling this a civil matter, not a crime.

Fox17 states that it will be following up on the Humane Alliance of Rutherford County and the whereabouts of Buddy.

Ms. Haddix is just hoping Buddy will soon be back home.

Source: My Fox 17


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