Disabled War Veteran Claims His Landlord Is Kicking Him Out Because Of His Service Dog

Iraq War veteran Jonathan Jans who owns a service dog to assist him with his daily life, says the apartment complex where he has lived for years now has a problem with the little dog he calls a “godsend.”

After he was left with serious brain injuries following a roadside bomb blast in Iraq, his wife, Jillian Jans, said having a service dog has helped her husband immensely. 

“He was on 18 medications when he got out of the Marine Corps,” Jillian explained. “He was on nine when we first got her. He’s on six now. So that’s a huge difference.”

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Now, the Jans' landlord wants the veteran and his dog, Alli, gone and Jon told Fox 32 he thinks he is a victim of housing discrimination. The landlord at the suburban Chicago apartment complex, Manchester Court, says Jon has no one to blame but himself, and his dog. 

“Disappointing. Disgusting,” Jon said. “I don’t know the right word.”

For the last four years, the Jans family has lived in the apartment complex in South Suburban Oak Forest, which claims to be “An exceptional place to call home,” in the signs out front.

According to Fox 32, the family has now been told it must leave after receiving a letter on July 6 stating the tenants need to be gone when the lease expires in 60 days. Without any reason stated in the letter, Jon and his wife say they believe the service dog must be the cause.

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“There’s no other explanation for this,” Jillian said.

Although Manchester Court has a “no dogs” policy, according to Fox 32, the signs say service dogs are permitted as an exception. Recently,  Jon says a new property manager seemed to disapprove of the dog.

When approached by Fox 32, the property manager would not give a reason for why the family had been told it must move out and said she couldn’t discuss anything concerning tenants. 

An apartment supervisor contacted the Chicago news station explaining in an email, “maintenance technicians have seen dog feces and smelled dog urine in the Jans' apartment on multiple occasions.” The email included that multiple warnings were issued, but the family “continued to let their dog out unleashed and unsupervised to defecate as it pleased.”

The Jans insist they clean up after the dog and have rarely had complaints regarding Alli.  

Jon said he is discussing his next step with attorneys, reports TheBlaze.

Source: TheBlaze, Fox 32 News / Photo credit: TheBlaze


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