Disabled Veteran Nick Spagnolo Fighting Property Owners Association To Keep Service Dog


A disabled Navy veteran in Florida is in a dispute with his property owners association after being told he’s not allowed to have his service dog, who weights 40 pounds. The property owners association says pets are not allowed to weigh more than 20 pounds.

Nick Spagnolo served in in Kuwait City and Somalia in the early 1990s, according to WPBF. He’s now diabled and needs his service dog Scarlett.

Nearly a year ago, Spagnolo got the service dog and shortly after he was told the dog cannot stay.

The Jamestown Property Owners Association has reportedly sent Spagnolo numerous letters telling him that the dog is a violation of the POA regulations. Spagnolo disagrees and says the regulations don’t apply in his case because Scarlett is not a pet.

Paw Nation reports that Spagnolo's doctors and the Veterans Administration have sent documents to the POA confirming that Spagnolo is disabled and his service dog is medically necessary, but the POA responded with requests for specific information about the nature of his disabilities, and the ways in which the dog helps him deal with those disabilities.

Spagnolo doesn’t want to give that information for privacy reasons.

"It's a violation of my privacy, and I really don't want strangers as well as other residents here knowing the full extent of my disabilities," Spagnolo said.

The latest communication from the POA to Spagnolo gave him 15 days to provide the specific information. He’s already said they aren’t going to get that.

Sources: WPBF, Paw Nation


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