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Disabled Syracuse Man Brad Hulett Tasered by Police (Video)

A Syracuse, N.Y., man who was hit by two trains as a child, leaving him brain-damaged and disabled, was tasered by police when he refused to sit down on a public bus.

The incident occurred on May 3 in Syracuse and was captured on a security camera. Brad Hulett, 35, said a severe back injury stemming from his earlier train accident makes sitting down on buses painful for him. Standing while holding a pole is the only way to remain out of pain, he said.

Police asked Hulett to take a seat or to step off the bus. When Hulett refused, the two officers, Sgt. William Galvin Jr. and Officer William Coleman, lifted the disabled man’s shirt and fired the Taser weapon into his back. Hulett can be heard screaming in pain as he is struck by the blast.

After being hit, Hulett collapsed and fell to the floor of the bus. He said he then felt one of the officers kick him in the side. According to the Syracuse Post-Standard, the police then grabbed Hulett’s leg and dragged him onto the sidewalk — a distance of about 10 feet.

In the video one of the officers, identified as Galvin, can be heard taunting Hulett, yelling, “You want it again? You want it again?”

Hulett, who suffered a broken left hip in the incident, which will require surgery, was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. He said he was not warned by the officers that he faced arrest is he declined to step off the bus.

Hulett’s earlier injuries stem from a June 18, 1991, incident in which he was riding his bicycle along a railroad track. Hulett was a 12-year-old special education student at the time. He was hit by an Amtrak passenger train. The impact sent him flying on to a nearby track where a Conrail freight train also hit him.

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