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Disabled Soldier's Wife Calls Taliban Released Prisoner Bowe Bergdahl A Traitor

The wife of a disabled veteran whose injuries are linked to the search for U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl in 2009 has taken to social media to vent her anger over the negotiations with the Taliban for Bergdahl’s release.

Shannon Allen, wife of Sgt. 1st Class Mark Allen, posted to Facebook the following message, referring to Bergdahl as a traitor:

“Meet my husband, injuries directly brought to you by the actions of this traitor. He can't give an account of what went down, because he can no longer speak. Now, which guy is a "hero" again?!? Sick.”

Allen included a family picture with the post that shows her with her husband Mark in a wheelchair, wearing his dress blues as well as one of their young daughter in a cap and gown.

WMAZ reported the connection between Sgt. Allen and Bergdahl.

Allen was wounded and paralyzed by a sniper’s bullet in July of 2009 while searching for the then missing Bergdahl. The bullet entered through his frontal lobe, causing the paralysis.

The injury happened one month after Sgt. Allen arrived in Afghanistan.

Bergdahl had vanished from another unit the night of June 30, 2009.

Blame has been placed on Bergdahl by some for the deaths of multiple soldiers who were killed during the search missions.

"I have frustration that potentially he could still be alive if Bergdahl had not left his post," Texan Jarrett Andrews said about his twin brother, 2nd. Lt. Darryn Andrews. “We lost somebody that we love very much.”

"He willfully left; he had premeditated, planned it out and left," said Joshua Cornelison, who was a medic in Bergdahl's unit. "He deserted not only the army, but he also left myself and my platoon and my company to clean up his mess.”

A Facebook page called “Bowe Bergdahl is a Traitor” has been established and liked by over 70,000 people.

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Shannon Allen’s message was shared on the Facebook page, and it received nearly 60,000 likes and more than 5,000 comments, reports the Daily Mail.

A petition created on to “Punish Bowe Bergdahl for being AWOL / Desertion during Operation Enduring Freedom" was also shared.

The petition currently has 18,981 signatures.

The outpouring of criticism comes after Bergdahl was set free from being captured by the Taliban in exchange for the release of five high-ranking Taliban prisoners in Guantanamo Bay.

"Regardless of the circumstances, whatever those circumstances may turn out to be, we still got an American soldier back if he's held in captivity. Period, full stop, we don't condition that," President Obama said.

The U.S. military plans to investigate how Bergdahl was captured by the Taliban. He is currently in a U.S. Army hospital in Germany receiving physical and psychological evaluations.

It is the same hospital Sgt. Allen was taken to after receiving the shot to his head that left him paralyzed.


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