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Disabled Man Abused, Neglected By Caretaker For Seven Years

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Police were shocked to discover a disabled man kept hidden away in a room, in deplorable conditions, for seven years.

When police were sent to the home of the man, who hadn’t been seen or heard from in several years, they found him sitting in a bed covered in cockroaches and his own feces. 

“I've never seen anyone living in this type of condition,” Mt. Morris Township Police Chief Terrance Green said. “This place is not fit for an animal. The officer that found him described the smell as being unbearable. The victim was covered with cockroaches and feces in a urine-soaked bed with a bewildered look on his face like 'help me.’”

The man, a GM retiree, reportedly suffered a leg injury that left him unable to walk. He was placed in the care of his sister, Patsy Marshall, and her husband, Andrew Green. Authorities said they believe that the man was kept hidden for as many as seven years.

“He was alert and knew what was going on,” Green said. "He just didn't have movement of his legs.” The man was fed only one meal a day, and had no contact with the outside world.

“They basically intentionally cut him off from the outside world,” Green said. 

Marshall and her husband were arrested and charged with vulnerable adult abuse and unlawful imprisonment. During their arrest, they reportedly attempted to blame it on the victim.

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