Disabled Iraq Veteran Faces Eviction (Video)


An Iraq war veteran is facing eviction from his apartment in Memphis.

Robert Hamilton served in the Army in Iraq, where he suffered multiple concussions. The decorated and disabled combat service member now lives with his service dog, Roam, in the Houston Levee apartment complex in Cordova; the two are inseparable.

Roam helps Hamilton control his anxiety.

Hamilton said that dogs are allowed in the complex, so he never felt the need to tell anyone that Roam is a service dog.

On Tuesday, he received a complaint that Roam had bitten and torn the jeans of a child in the complex. Hamilton said that the when the incident occurred, the child continued to harass Roam, even after being warned not to.

Roam “jumped, and I pulled the leash back,” Hamilton said of the incident. “The kid didn’t scream, kid didn’t cry, kid didn’t show any blood, didn’t show a rip in his pants.”

In fact, the child apparently gave no indication of having been touched at all by Roam. “So, we went on about our business,” Hamilton said.

On Tuesday night, the apartment complex gave Hamilton an ultimatum: either he has to get rid of the dog, or they both have to go.

“The cowards left a note in my door, without even knocking, telling me I have 14 days to get rid of my dog, or this serves as my 30-day eviction notice,” Hamilton stated.

Attorney Webb Brewer said that believes that the apartment complex’s request could be a violation of the Fair Housing Act and the American Disabilities Act.

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Photo Source: http://agbeat.com


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