Disabled Dachshund 'Anderson Pooper' Runs in Weinerdog Races (Video)


"Anderson Pooper," a disabled dachshund, competed in the Weinerdog Races at Emerald Downs (a thoroughbred racetrack) in Auburn, Wash., on July 13, 2014.

While Anderson Pooper came in last, he was clearly a crowd favorite, noted BobsBlitz.com (video below).

FoxSports.com reports that fans yelled, "C'mon A. Poop!" and "Go Pooper!"

The video below includes a dramatic slow-motion finish of Anderson Pooper in his doggie wheelchair.

The Weinderdog Races are sponsored by local radio station Star 101.5.

Anderson Pooper has his own Twitter page, which is managed by AnimalsWithDisabilities.org.

Sources: BobsBlitz.com and FoxSports.com


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