Disabled Cashier Gets Rave Customer Review On Facebook

When Emma Shawcross went shopping at the Tesco grocery store in Diss, England, she had an experience with customer service that most people would complain about.

Her cashier, while bagging her groceries, unwittingly smashed her bread, reports the Mirror.

As Shawcross explained, she could tell the cashier had autism, because he counted out her grocery bags her change multiple times, in addition to mishandling her delicate bread. She also knew the cashier had autism because her own son has it.

When she got home that day, she got online and left a lengthy positive post on Tesco’s Facebook page.

“The guy on the [cash register] said hello and started scanning my items as I was still putting them on the belt the other end,” she explained.

“When I asked him for 5 bags he counted each one, then recounted them a further 2 times before handing them over to me. The guy didn’t really talk to me, he squashed my bread when he scanned it but I waited patiently whilst he took his time, especially when trying to scan the awkward items.”

“By the time I went to pay I had already worked it out, so I counted out my money with him, which he obviously recounted and then counted my change out two times.”

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Despite the unusual checkout experience, Shawcross described it as “just perfect,” and went on to describe chatting with the autistic cashier about his job. Then she explained about her son.

“See this guy is Autistic. As a mother of a 12 year Autistic boy this makes my heart smile. Changing attitudes teamed with employers, like you, who really do offer equal opportunities are a changing people’s lives.”

In an interview with the website Little Things, she revealed she is partially deaf, shedding further light on her sympathy for those with disabilities.

Sources: Little Things, Mirror / Photo credit: Facebook via Little Things

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