"The Dirty Dozen": Least Energy-Efficient Cars


Recently we brought you the list of the greenest cars out there. Well, since there can be no good without evil, we now bring you the list of the least energy-efficient cars.

The list dubbed "The Dirty Dozen" from American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy begins with the most expensive car in the world -- the Bugatti Veyron.

For $1.6 million, you get an 8-liter, 16-cylinder engine that pumps out 1,001 horsepower, with a top speed of 265 mph. However, it only gets 8 mpg in the city, 15 on the highway. But if you can afford one, chances are you're not too worried about the constant trips to the gas station.

That's followed by five massive SUVs and pick-up trucks that get anywhere from 10-13 mpg in the city. Unlike the Bugatti, these are vehicles that are actually on the road, incurring the wrath of the ACEEE.

Here is the full list:

Bugatti Veyron
Chevrolet Suburban/GMC Yukon
Dodge Ram Mega Cab
Chevrolet Express/GMC Savana
Ford F-250
Ford F-150
Mercedes-Benz ML 63 AMG
Mercedes-Benz G 550
GMC Sierra
Bentley Mulsanne
Bentley Continental GTC
Ford Expedition/Lincoln Navigator

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