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Director Of Animal Shelter Fired After Less Than 2 Weeks For Euthanizing Too Many Animals

The director of a Florida animal shelter was fired after less than two weeks on the job when 20 animals were euthanized in one day.

Jacquelyn Johnston, who began working at the Animal Services division of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office on Oct. 1, was fired nine days later for putting down too many animals, WFTV reported.

“Our administration was notified by a volunteer at Animal Services that up to 20 animals had been euthanized,” said sheriff’s office spokesman Sgt. Jim Vachon. “Law enforcement, especially, has a healthy respect for animals and what they can contribute, so it's a tough thing to hear.”

Johnston allegedly oversaw the deaths of 18 dogs and two cats in one day.

"A certain number of them were sick or injured, which would be in [accordance with] our policy," Sgt. Vachon said. "But certainly not all of them."

"This decision was made on our watch and we have taken swift action to ensure it does not happen again," Sheriff Gary Borders said in a statement.

The office has been criticized in the past for not doing enough to rehabilitate and adopt out, the Daily News reported. In 2013 the shelter euthanized 710 dogs and 2,896 cats.

Earlier this year the Lake County sheriff’s office took over animal control services after two directors resigned. It now has a policy to perform euthanasia only as a last resort when an animal is too sick to be considered for adoption.

Sources: WFTV, Daily News

Image credit: Flickr Creative Commons / Ian Phillips


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