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Dionisio Lockridge Sells Drug-Laced Brownies to Unknowing High Schoolers, Hospitalizes Nine

A man has been arrested after he allegedly passed out drug-laced brownies to unknowing high school students causing one girl to have a seizure.

Dionisio Lockridge, 22, is not a student at the school and it is not clear what connection he has to it. He is being charged with possession of marijuana and cocaine after police searched his home and found brownies similar to the ones the students ate. 

He handed them out before school started at Miami Coral Park Senior High School on Thursday. Shortly after, several students complained of feeling ill and nine ended up being hospitalized.

"One girl was having a seizure. I haven't spoken to her, but hopefully she's doing okay," Samantha Melgar, a student, said.

"They told me the brownies had coke, heroin, steroids, all kinds of drugs," another student, Danivellis Torres, said.

Authorities are now testing the brownies to uncover what they actually have in them. 

Students reported that the man randomly came up to students and asked if they wanted one.

"It was just a male who randomly approached me and said, 'Do you want one?'" student Ashley Robleto said. "I found it very suspicious. I was like, I shouldn't take this."

Another student said the man was knocking on classroom doors.

"They were selling it all over school they were knocking on classroom doors asking if they could sell what they had," student Danni Valdez Torres said.

The school's Twitter page was soon updated to read, "If you have consumed a brownie in school today, please report to room 4215. Immediately!!"

Parents soon became upset.

"What's going on here?" an upset parent asked outside the school. "Where's the control? Where is the safety for our kids?"

"I don't feel safe about my kids in school."

Sources: WSVN, CBS


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