'Dinner Tasted Awful': After Spending Hours Cooking, Woman Receives Note From New Husband (Photo)

Picture this: You've just gotten married, you're on Cloud 9 and you can’t wait to see what the future holds.

One day, you come home and you get a strange note from your other half. Out of the blue, he says that you can’t cook and aren’t a pleasant person to be with.

He’s done.

He’s leaving.

That is what happened to this woman’s friend. She posted the note that her new husband left her on Reddit.

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Fortunately, shortly after seeing the note, she noticed another piece of paper beside it. It changed the context of the original note juuuust a little bit. Take a look:

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Dear Stefanie,

Dinner tasted awful | ly good!

And it smelled | great.

So I am leaving you | a note

I have to just go | to the library

I have taken all my things | I need to study

Just can’t stand you | r being gone

I won’t be back | until 8 p.m.

I have had enough | dinner. Thanks

Enjoy your Life | cereal as a snack

Goodbye. | Love,


We’ll say this for the guy who wrote the note – he better have a really comfortable couch in his home.

Source: Reddit


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