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Dinner Party Leaves After Steakhouse Demands Chemo Patient Remove Beanie From His Head

Internet backlash against Morton’s Steakhouse in Nashville, Tennessee is pouring in after management at the restaurant reportedly demanded a customer with cancer remove a wool beanie from his head.

According to a number of reviews on Yelp and the restaurants Facebook page, the incident happened when a group of 16 diners held a company Christmas party at the steakhouse. One of the company employees, who remains unnamed, has cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy treatments. In addition to hair loss, one of the most common symptoms of chemotherapy is sensitivity to the cold.

After spending over $2,000 at the restaurant, the man with cancer put a wool beanie on his head. Management at the upscale steakhouse approached the party and asked him to remove the beanie. When the man told managers about his illness, they were not sympathetic. They said he should have brought a doctor’s note verifying his condition or called ahead so the party could have been sat in a private seating area.

The man and his family were understandably upset over the restaurant’s poor handling of the situation and stormed out. Police arrived at the restaurant shortly after, but no one was arrested or charged with any wrongdoing.

Here is one diner’s account of the altercation:

“Our party of 16 went  to Morton's and had dinner.  Near the end of the evening, the person dons his wool cap, and was immediately told by the assistant manager, Catrina, that hats are not allowed inside the restaurant.  After being told that the person was going through cancer treatment, the assistant manager told him THAT HE NEEDED A DOCTOR'S NOTE. You read that right - he was supposed to have a doctor's permission to wear a wool cap in Morton's.  He and his family soon got up and left.

“After the rest of us complained - get this - MORTON'S CALLED THE POLICE ON US.  We were not unruly, and quite civil given the absolute rudeness of the management.  I was told by a manager that the police officer was just casually patrolling the area and came in, but I was told later that was a total lie.”

Morton’s released a statement on their Facebook page saying they apologize for the event and have “reached out to all parties involved and can assure you that all facts will be uncovered.”

The man at the center of the incident reports that he has not, in fact, been contacted by Morton’s at this time. 

Sources: Fox 17, Yelp


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