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'Dinner Is On Me, Guys': Random Stranger Pays For High School Students' Pre-Prom Dinner

A group of New Hampshire high school students heading to prom said they were awestruck after a random stranger gave them $300 to pay for their dinner.

Oyster River High School juniors Porter McManus, Kelsie Poplawski, Griffin Snow, Alec Rogers, and their dates Sierra Carpenter and Devyn Saucier, were having dinner in Portsmouth on May 14 before prom.

They had put on their tuxes and gowns and prepared for a night they would always remember when a stranger decided to make it even more special.

“We were sitting down at dinner and a bunch of people kept walking by and they were commenting on how pretty we looked and asking us if it was our prom,” Saucier told WGME.

“One gentleman came up to us and asked if we were going to prom,” Rogers continued. “He said it brought back memories of his prom.”

The man left but came back a few minutes later. He casually handed the teenager a folded up bill, which the student initially thought was $100.

“He said, ‘dinner is on me, guys,'” McManus said.

When the teens opened up the bill, they realized the stranger had given them $300. The random act of kindness left them awestruck and speechless.

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“Our dinner was $180 total, so he covered more than all of it,” McManus said.

“Then we were able to give the waitress a really nice tip,” Rogers added.

The boys said their biggest regret was not getting the man’s name or taking a picture with him. They are hoping the man will read about their gratitude in the news.

“I wish we knew who he was so we could contact him and thank him,” Rogers said.

“We just all want to say thank you,” McManus said. “It was a huge act of kindness and it was appreciated.”

The high schoolers want everyone to know about the kind man’s actions.

“It's amazing to think there are people that can do that,” Saucier said. "You hear of this stuff on Twitter and you don't think it'll happen to you but it happened to us. That's crazy.”

Rogers said the money really helped take some of the pressure off, considering the cost of a prom. The teens said they hope to return the favor to another group of high school students heading to prom some time in the future.

“I just want to thank him a lot for it because it meant a lot to us,” Carpenter said. “We're just a couple of high school kids and it was really cool.”

Sources: WGME, Fosters

Photo Credit: Fosters


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