Dillard's Removes Sign From Sales Floor After It Sparks Controversy


A Florida department store is taking down a controversial sign from one of their holiday displays after it offended some customers.

A Dillard’s store in Wellington, Florida, has decided to completely pull the sign, which reads, “Dear Santa, this year please give me a big fat bank account and a slim body. Please don't mix those two up like you did last year. Thanks.”

The sign might not be all that controversial if it wasn’t for the placement; the department store placed the offensive sign in the girl’s clothing section, and one mother shopping with her kids decided to post a picture of it to Facebook. Since the post, the photo has been shared over 400 times.

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“It's kinda funny because a woman who wants to wish for that should make it happen for herself,” said shopper Sally Stewart. “What would a little girl want with a bank account? It gives the wrong message about having a slim body. That's not the message we want to give our kids.”

Stewart isn’t the only customer that’s upset about the sign. Dolores Oh says that the sign is inappropriate for children to read and doesn’t think that it places importance on the right things.

“How you look isn't the most important thing. Just to be healthy is more important,” said Oh to WPTV.

“It makes me think that I should be very very focused on how I look and I should want to be thinner than I am and have more money than I do,” said Oh’s 20-year-old daughter Kaylee.

The Florida Dillard’s employees say that the sign wasn’t supposed to be placed in the girl’s section to begin with, and now, Dillard’s has told all of their stores to remove the sign from the sales floor.

Sources: Daily Mail, WPTV


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