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Dilek Edwards Claims She Was Fired By Ex-Playboy Playmate Stephanie Adams For Being ‘Too Cute’

A yoga teacher says she was fired by her ex-Playboy Playmate boss for being “too cute.” But that’s still not enough for a gender discrimination lawsuit, the ex-employer’s lawyer said.

Dilek Edwards is suing former nude model Stephanie Adams and her husband Charles Nicolai for firing her last year because of her good looks.

However, the couple’s lawyer, Douglas Wigdor, says the gender discrimination lawsuit should be tossed out because people cannot be legally discriminated because of their “attractiveness.”

Edwards, 32, claims she was fired out of jealousy. She said she gave Adams’ husband yoga and massage therapy services at the couple’s Wall Street Chiropractic and Wellness clinic in April 2012, but he wanted to keep it a secret from Adams.

Nicolai warned Edwards in June to keep the therapies a secret because his wife “might become jealous.”

On Oct. 30, Edwards received a text at 1:31 a.m. from Adams that said, “You are NOT welcome any longer at Wall Street Chiropractic. Do NOT ever step food in there again, and stay the f*** away from my husband and family.”

“And remember I warned you,” Adams allegedly said, according to the New York Post.

In regards to the jealousy accusations, Adams, 43, had one thing to say, “No disrespect to anyone, but I’m a centerfold.”

Adams became the first openly lesbian Playmate when she was featured in the November 1992 issue of the magazine. She has in the past claimed to be a “direct descendant” of U.S. Presidents John Adams and John Quincy Adams.

“I can only imagine they’re rolling over in their graces because of the outrageous behavior of their purported descendant,” Maimon Kirschenbaum, Edwards' lawyer said.

Edwards is seeking unspecified damages, claiming she was sexually harassed, alleging gender discrimination and unlawful termination.

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Sources: New York Post, New York Daily News


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