Fisherman Posts Picture Of 'Tunicorn'-Looking Fish He Caught (Photo)


An Australian veteran fisherman and his family were in disbelief when they believed they had caught a mythical Tunicorn.

64-year-old Kim Haskell was fishing with his brother Jamie and nephew Christopher along the Great Barrier Reef when Kim reeled in the 88-pound dogtooth tuna with a giant horn sticking out of its head.

Since Haskell posted a picture of the fish online and many believe that it could be a mythical Tunicorn. Haskell explained in a caption with the photo, however, that it was most likely a bill from another fish that got stuck in the dogtooth tuna’s head.

“Here is a dogtooth tuna caught on the outer reef just out of Cooktown Queensland with Marlin spike embedded in it’s head,” wrote Haskell along with the picture. “It was totally healed so must have been in it for a while. We were wondering if the spike entered through the mouth because the thin bit was at the end. Looked almost too perfectly centred [sic] and would not have believed it if we hadn’t caught it ourselves. Probably the strangest thing I have ever found inside a fish. Has anyone else seen such a thing?”

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Haskell says that he’s been fishing all his life, and hands down, this might be the “strangest thing he’s ever seen.”

“It's incredible that the bill missed major blood vessels and brain tissue and that the tuna was still able to operate,” said the fisherman to the Daily Mail.

Kim Haskell says he decided to keep the spike to remember his rare catch.

Sources: Metro UK, Mirror UK, Daily Mail


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