Did NASA Cut Their Live ISS Feed To Hide A UFO Appearance? (Video)


NASA’s live ISS feed was randomly interrupted for 15 seconds earlier this month, just seconds after conspiracy theorists watching the feed noticed a mysterious object on their screens. Theorists are now accusing NASA of hiding a UFO and potential alien life from the public.

UFO watcher Toby Lundh was watching the feed recently when he noticed the foreign object on his screen, appearing to be off in the distance but getting closer. Seconds later, the feed was cut.

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Lundh said he believed NASA intentionally interrupted the feed in order to cover up evidence of alien life – something he said the administration has been doing for years.

“Nasa always cuts the feed when a UFO gets close to the station,” Lundh told Disclose.tv. The alien hunter said there are “always some UFOs showing up.” Lundh also accused NASA of removing archived recordings from its database that reveal communication between astronauts and aliens. The most recent “sighting” comes after a grey object was seen in space and then disappeared just before NASA switched cameras.

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Despite the alleged sightings, Imperial College Physics professor Andrew Balogh said there are simple explanations for mysterious things popping up in NASA’s live feeds. “Generally speaking UFO sightings are either explained by some artefact effect - even some space junk - or left unexplained as there is not enough evidence,” Balogh said. "It's difficult to judge from the video in this instance, because of its poor quality. If Nasa has access to high quality images, they may investigate further.”

Do you think NASA is trying to hide something?

Sources: Daily Mail, Disclose.tv / Photo Credit: dailymail.co.uk


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