Did NASA Cancel Cruel Monkey Experiments?


PETA has obtained government documents showing that in August 2010, the Brookhaven National Laboratory—where NASA has been planning to fund a study to blast monkeys with radiation—made a decision about whether or not to move forward with the cruel project.

Unfortunately, before the government sent us these documents, it blacked out Brookhaven's decision, so we don't know if plans to hurt these animals are moving forward or not. However, a NASA representative recently told a reporter that this misguided project might not happen, so underneath all that black might be an announcement that the monkeys will be spared.

In an additional boost to the campaign this week, former NASA astronaut Leroy Chiao spoke out against the monkey radiation experiments in a column for Discovery News.

You can help us find out the status of these cruel experiments by taking a moment to call the Department of Energy (DOE) at 202-586-5000 and politely asking if plans are still in place to bombard squirrel monkeys with radiation at Brookhaven.


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