Did George Zimmerman Gain 100 Pounds to Look Less Intimidating?


George Zimmerman is on trial for the February 2012 shooting of Trayvon Martin. Much has changed over the past the year, including George Zimmerman’s waistline.

While on MSNBC, political commentator Goldie Taylor made an interesting observation about  Zimmerman’s appearance. She asked, “Are we seeing the same George Zimmerman in court now as Trayvon Martin encountered that night? You know, he is 100 pounds heavier, he is clean-shaven, he no longer is sort of this buff, tanned guy with a goatee that, to me, is simply more imposing. I’m not sure that if I saw this George Zimmerman at night confronting me that I would feel nearly as intimidated as the George Zimmerman we’ve seen in some of these photographs.”

Indeed, it is striking how different Zimmerman looks now compared to last year. In 2012 Zimmerman was tan, he had a goatee, and he was physically fit. Altogether, he had the figure of a person who could get into a fight and hold his own. Zimmerman has since lost his tan and his facial hair, and he has gained about 100 pounds, give or take.

It’s nearly impossible to tell what the motivation is for the change in appearance. Taylor suggests that Zimmerman’s new image was crafted by the defense: “I wonder if that weight gain has something to do with a concerted effort by the defense to make sure that their client appears as non-imposing, as non-threatening, as possible.”

She also suggests that it might have something to do with “the stress and pressure of being under house arrest.” That would certainly explain the tan – it’s not surprising that somebody would become paler after spending a year indoors.

Taylor ended by implying that Zimmerman’s defense was pulling  fast one on the jury. “I think we’ve got to see these two men as they saw each other that night,” she stated.

What are your thoughts about Zimmerman’s new look? Do you think that a year of stress eating got to Zimmerman? Do you think that the defense drove cheesecakes and cartons of ice cream to Zimmerman’s house so that he’d put on the pounds for the jury?

Source: Washington Post


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