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Did Ex-Fiance's Visit Lead to Philip Markoff's Suicide?

An autopsy revealed that suspected "Craigslist Killer" Philip Markoff died from self-inflicted stab wounds with a pen, finishing himself off by putting a plastic bag over his head. His body was found in his Boston jail cell on Sunday. But did a jailhouse visit from his ex-fiance spark his suicide?

When Markoff was first arrested in April 2009 for allegedly meeting a woman on Craigslist, luring her to a hotel room and killing her, Megan McAllister stood by her man. She wrote in an email to People magazine:

"Philip has not been convicted. A policeman who wished to make money off this story sold it to countless companies. Philip is a beautiful man inside and out and did not commit this crime. Unfortunately, somebody else did and needs to be penalized. Philip was set up and you are wrong to be asking me for stories."

She did, however, visit him in June 2009, telling him she was canceling their August wedding, and telling him it would be "a long period of time, if ever, that she would see him again," according to her lawyer, Robert Honecker. reports McAllister did see him again, during a jailhouse visit on April 29 of this year, where she ended their relationship and said she thought he was guilty.

It's not clear if this visit had anything to do with Markoff's sudden suicide three and a half months later but one could speculate that losing the support of the only person to believe him played some role.


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