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Did This Dog Just Find Bigfoot? (Video)

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A man in Oregon strapped an action video camera to his dog while walking in the woods, and the camera caught a strange creature walking past (video below). 

It could be Bigfoot, says the Daily Mail. The video shows the dog moving forward through a wooded area, when a figure suddenly passes by. The figure stands erect, like a human, but is black and hairy, like an ape.  

The video, originally from 2015 and shared by Bigfoot Encounters on its YouTube page, has since gone viral, eliciting all sorts of reactions. 

Some claim it is indeed the famous Sasquatch, Bigfoot. While others insist the whole thing is a hoax.  

On reason people think this is a stunt is because the dog barely reacts to the creature. As one YouTube user commented, "Your dog showed no reaction as you walked by in the ape suit." 

Sources: Daily Mail, YouTube / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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