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Alien Hunters Discover Cat Statue In Mars Rover Footage (Video)

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The Mars Curiosity rover has been a fascinating for scientists and enthusiasts of all kinds who are intrigued by the possibility of past or future life on mars. Some of those enthusiasts include people who look for clues about potential ancient alien civilizations through the rover. One such enthusiast now believes to have found something remarkable – a statue of a cat.

Youtube user UFOvni2012 posted a video comprised of images captured by Curioisty, made public by NASA, that show a pile of rocks on Mars’ surface. The video enhances the picture and outlines a particular section of the rock to reveal what appears to be the carved face of a cat.

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As the Inquisitr points out, this is most likely a case of pareidolia. Pareidolia occurs when someone spots vague images in normal objects, and is a frequent occurrence with religious images.

Pareidolia aside, the intriguing “discovery” comes following discoveries by Rover that are believed by scientists to provide hints at some actual form of life on Mars. Water found in Mars’ mantle in July led scientists to believe that the planet might actually have as much water as Earth, and the recent discovery of methane spikes on the planet point to the strong possibility of microbial life on Mars. Despite these findings, however, it may be some time before life on the planet is actually discovered and confirmed.

At least we have the cat statue to hold us over until then.

Sources: The Inquisitr, Youtube / Photo Credit:, Wikimedia Commons


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