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Did Cop Shove Skateboarder, Cause Horrific Crash? (Video)

Did Cop Shove Skateboarder, Cause Horrific Crash? (Video) Promo Image

There is outrage among the skateboarding community and others in San Francisco over a serious skateboard crash that some believe was caused by a police officer on July 11 (video below).

Twitter user Joel Hamill posted a video of the crash, and noted: "#sfpolice purposely push skateboarder into car causing serious injury."

Police were shutting down an unpermitted skateboarding event near a local park when an unidentified skateboarder came flying down a hill and past a cop, who may have intentionally bumped or pushed the skateboarder, notes KPIX.

The skateboarder went flying into a police car, and then became airborne before finally landing on the street.

"It seems pretty obvious to me that the police officer just kinda stuck his shoulder out," Chris Atwood, a photographer, said. "It's a really dangerous reckless thing to do at that speed."

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Police Officer Robert Rueca said the department is looking into the incident and videos of the crash.

According to Rueca, the cops tried to give the injured skateboarder medical aid, but he refused; the police were not able to interview him.

KPIX reports that the skateboarder's friends said the skateboarder was seen by doctors for his badly damaged ankle and knee.

Rueca said the officer was injured, and was taken to a local hospital.

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In the video, the cop is not knocked down by the skateboarder and appears to just walk away.

Following the incident, a crowd allegedly tossed objects at the cops and vandalized two police cars.

"It was all related to the kid who got checked by the police officer," Atwood stated. "That was really what sent things from interesting to bad to worse."

The skateboarding event had been promoted online as the "The Hill Bomb" and "The Fastest Hill Bomb Contest."

The cops came to the park area at around 7 p.m., and started blocking streets with their cars, which some skateboarders went around or used sidewalks.

Police spokeswoman Officer Grace Gatpandan said that the event increased to hundreds of skateboarders and onlookers who lined the street, which caused local residents to complain, reports SFGate.

According to Rueca, the cops told people to disperse and tried to created a line to protect pedestrians, skateboarders and vehicles in the area, notes KPIX.

However, the line also served as an obstruction to the skateboarders.

"We didn’t have advance notice of this, this was an unpermitted event," Rueca added. "We were trying to make the situation safer and to keep it from getting worse."

Sources: KPIX, SFGate, Joel Hamill/Twitter / Photo credit: torbakhopper/Flickr, Justinc/Wikimedia Commons, G.bell,romero/Wikimedia Commons

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