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Did Buffalo Cop Choke Man Or Save His Life? (Video)

An unidentified police officer was caught on a cell phone video (below) possibly choking a suspect, Parris Stevens, on Oct. 7 in Buffalo, New York.

"From the early review that has been done at this point, it seems like the action of the police officer potentially could have saved the life of this suspect," Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown told WKBW.

Police reportedly approached Stevens while he was drinking alcohol with some other people in public, which is when Stevens allegedly swallowed a bag that contained 39 smaller bags of crack-cocaine.

While an officer straddles Stevens on a sidewalk in the video, bystanders curse at the cop and accuse him of choking Stevens, reports WGRZ.

Another police officer tries to block the person who is filming the incident, in which the first officer might have been trying to retrieve possible evidence.

The Buffalo Police Department began an investigation of the incident after it became aware of the video.


Sources: WKBW, WGRZ / Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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