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Dick’s Sporting Goods, Where Adam Lanza Tried to Buy Rifle, has Big Sale on Ammunition

Dick’s Sporting Goods in Danbury, Connecticut, where Sandy Hook Elementary School gunman Adam Luntz tried to buy a rifle three days before the tragic massacre, is having a huge sale on bullets and shotgun shells.

A box of 2000 Winchester M-22 bullets was reduced to $109.99, or 5 cents a shot. 350 Brass 9mm Full Metal Jacket bullets are on sale for $99.99, or 28 cents a round. Gun Club Shot Shells by Remington were reduced to $5.48 a pack, reports the Daily Mail.

There was also a sign that read, "Buy One Get One for 50 percent OFF on Big Game Rifle Slugs, 25-Pack Game Loads and Steel Shot Ammo."

Adam Lanza, 20, reportedly drove to Dick’s Sporting Goods on Dec. 11, where he asked about buying a rifle.

However, Lanza wasn't able to take home a gun that day because of Connecticut's gun laws, which have a waiting period.


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