Dick’s Sporting Goods, Where Adam Lanza Tried to Buy Rifle, has Big Sale on Ammunition

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Dick’s Sporting Goods in Danbury, Connecticut, where Sandy Hook Elementary School gunman Adam Luntz tried to buy a rifle three days before the tragic massacre, is having a huge sale on bullets and shotgun shells.

A box of 2000 Winchester M-22 bullets was reduced to $109.99, or 5 cents a shot. 350 Brass 9mm Full Metal Jacket bullets are on sale for $99.99, or 28 cents a round. Gun Club Shot Shells by Remington were reduced to $5.48 a pack, reports the Daily Mail.

There was also a sign that read, "Buy One Get One for 50 percent OFF on Big Game Rifle Slugs, 25-Pack Game Loads and Steel Shot Ammo."

Adam Lanza, 20, reportedly drove to Dick’s Sporting Goods on Dec. 11, where he asked about buying a rifle.

However, Lanza wasn't able to take home a gun that day because of Connecticut's gun laws, which have a waiting period.


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