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Nightmare Nanny Suddenly Disappeared From Family's Home (Video)

The story of Diane Stretton, the live-in nanny who refused to leave a family’s home after she was fired, seems to be getting weirder every day. Just as the news broke of her refusal to leave, the family now says that she’s completely disappeared.

The saga started when Marcella and Ralph Bracamonte hired Stretton to be their live-in nanny back in March. At first, as Marcella notes, Stretton was doing a great job.

"The first few weeks she was awesome," said Marcella. “She would come places with us, help out the kids. She was really great.”

Suddenly, Ralph and Marcella claim that Stretton randomly stopped working and spent most of her time locked in her bedroom, only coming out to eat. After reprimanding the 64-year-old nanny multiple times, the Bracamontes told her she could no longer work for them. Instead of leaving, however, Stretton stayed, and even when the couple called the police, no action was taken because authorities said it was a civil matter.

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Ralph and Marcella continued their efforts to kick Stretton out, but she still refused to leave. The couple chained the refrigerator doors shut and locked all the doors for the rest of the house, but still, Stretton stubbornly stayed. When police suggested that they present Stretton with an eviction notice, they did, and now, the couple says they haven’t seen the nanny since Thursday.

“I don’t know what happened,” said Marcella.

KTLA reports that they spotted Stretton sitting in her car outside of a police station on Friday night, and when she saw their cameras, she hid under a windshield cover and refused to speak to their reporters.

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