Diabetic Sacramento Woman Robbed, Knocked Out Of Wheelchair

A diabetic woman was robbed and left on a Sacramento street after a thief heartlessly snatched the woman’s purse and knocked her out of her wheelchair.

Vickie Westrum was on her way to the grocery store when a woman jumped out of her car, grabbed Westrum’s purse and knocked her to the ground. The purse contained money, Westrum’s medication and her ID cards.

“[She] kept yelling, ‘Let me have it, let me have it,’” Westrum said. “I should’ve let her have it, but I didn’t.”

Westrum noted that she would have given the woman money if she needed it, and that all she needed was her medication.

Paramedics found Westrum on her back in the street, after which she was taken to the hospital for minor bruises and scratches.

“I don’t understand people,” Westrum, who lost a leg to diabetes, said. “I would never do anything to hurt anybody.”

Westrum’s husband Larry said he was shocked at first and didn’t realize something like this could happen.

Police are investigating into the theft, but no arrests have yet been made.

Sources: NY Daily News, CBS


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