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DHS Takes Woman's Daughter Away After Clip Goes Viral (Video)

Last week, a video surfaced on social media showing a woman on a Philadelphia bus nodding off while her young daughter attempted to prop her up. The disturbing clip quickly went viral, and now, the Department of Human Services says the young girl has been taken away from her mother.

The Daily News first reported that the girl was taken away, and according to their report, the mother, who is not currently being identified, took to Facebook to express her anger over the situation.

“During the weekend, the little girl was removed from her mother's home by DHS workers,” wrote Daily News reporter David Gambacorta. “The mother, whom the Daily News is not identifying because she has not been charged with a crime, posted this update on Facebook: ‘I f------ hope all you skumbags [sic] out there are f------ happy,’ she wrote. ‘I just lost the best thing in the world to me all because ppl [sic] think before they open there [sic] mouths!’”

When the video first surfaced, Opposing Views reported that SEPTA Police Chief Tom Nestel was very concerned that nobody on the bus at that time called police or reported it to the bus driver.

"When you have a person doing the 'heroin nod' and a little girl is trying to hold her head up, that's horrifying," said Nestel. "There's very little reason why 15 calls to 911 weren't received. I don't think there's anyone who can watch that and say, 'Ah, that's a shame,' and just walk away."

The woman depicted in the video has not been arrested or charged with anything as of now, but police spokesman Lt. John Stanford says the DHS is investigating possible criminal wrongdoing.

"DHS will ultimately take the lead on opening a file and investigating deeper into this family and the situation," said Stanford. "If their investigation reveals any criminal activity, then our Special Victims Unit will work with them and proceed accordingly."


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