DHS Contracts $19 Million Private Armed Security Unit In Wisconsin and Minnesota

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The Department of Homeland Security is making a $19 million entrance in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Reports reveal that the DHS is hiring a private armed security unit with a “Top Secret” clearance to protect Wisconsin and Minnesota from unidentified threats. A blogger on South Milwaukee Now wrote that the hiring of a private security unit suggests the DHS is contracting other types of professionals, rather than armed guards.

A Federal Business Opportunities report confirms that the DHS has put out a posting for “armed Protective Security Officer (PSO) services at various locations throughout the states of Minnesota and Wisconsin.”

On Oct. 10, the Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Protective Services posted another notice on Federal Business Opportunities website soliciting a company to fulfill a $75 million to $80 million contract for 400,000 service hours from Protective Service Officers in upstate New York.

The notice ignited theories about the department’s plans to form a squadron of riot police to stifle dissent and invade peaceful protest groups with the aid of 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition, according to the International Business Times.

The DHS responded that the contracted officers would be used to guard the IRS and other federal buildings during tax season, as well as to provide support during “public demonstration(s)” and “civil disturbances, or other unanticipated events on an as-needed basis.”

The agency deemed the riot police theories conspiracies, and said that it purchased gear and ammunition as part of its normal operations, or to expand on existing programs.

It is unclear how this unit will be used in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Sources: South Milwaukee Now, FedBizOpps, International Business Times


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