'Dexter'-Obsessed British Sociopath Gets 20 Years in Prison For Murdering Mother


A young, “Dexter”-obsessed man from England was sentenced to 21 years and six months in prison for brutally stabbing his mother to death with a kitchen knife. 

Mark Howe, 21, worked as a caretaker at a home for old people and lived with his parents in Leicester, England. He had grown increasingly withdrawn in the months before the killing, according to his family, retreating to his room and barely saying a word.

Then one day last July he took a chef's knife and stabbed his mother, Katrina Wardle, more than 53 times in the face, mouth, neck, chest and arms before leaving her to bleed to death on the bedroom floor.

High Court judge Justice Haddon-Cave told Howe in his verdict, "You attacked your mother with appalling savagery, causing more than 53 separate wounds. One can only imagine the horror of her realization at what was being done to her by her own son.”

"The sheer brutality and ferocity of the attack, which must have lasted some minutes, was akin to torturing her.”

Howe showed no emotion during the trial.

Howe had reportedly conducted online searches for “What does a sociopath need to do to blend seamlessly with society?" and “Dexter kill knife.” His Facebook photo was of the blood-spattered, crime-solving serial killer Dexter Morgan. Howe had a troubling history of harming himself with knives.

Howe told police that he had no recollection of his actions, though acknowledges he must have been responsible for his mother’s death.

“This incident has destroyed a family and left many people devastated by the events,” said Detective Siobhan Ashburn.

"His actions have left ever-lasting consequences and he now faces a life behind bars."

Kris Wardle, Howe’s stepfather, said he will never forgive his stepson for what he took away from him.

"He's caused the loss of a mum, a sister, an aunt and a wife who was my soul mate,” Wardle said. "I'd sooner have lost the limb, and sight and speech than lose Tina.”

"She was my pole star, immutable and persistent, always guiding and shining brightly.”

Sources: Leicester Mercury, BBC


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