Dexter-Inspired Murderer Mark Twitchell Still Watching Dexter From Maximum Security Prison

A former Canadian filmmaker who was found guilty in 2011 of committing a grisly murder based on the popular television series Dexter has resumed watching the show from his maximum security prison. And on his own flat-screen television.

Mark Twitchell, 33, was previously convicted of killing Johnny Altinger, a former resident of British Columbia, in a “kill room” based directly on the television show Dexter

Although the former Edmonton filmmaker has denied using the blood-soaked television series as a blueprint for the murder, officials close to the case have offered a different perspective.

And many, such as Staff Sargent Bill Clark, are bewildered as to how Twitchell can have non-stop access to the violent show, especially while being locked away in the maximum security wing of Saskatchewan Penitentiary.

“He’s reliving his fantasy whenever he’s watching that show,” said Clark, co-head of Edmonton’s homicide division. “It’s ridiculous to think that he would be allowed to do that. Maybe he’s refining his skills?”

Jane Orydzuk of the Victims of Homicide Support Society agreed with Clark’s position, stating such cases make it appear that the criminal justice system favors offenders, rather than grieving victims.

“It’s very upsetting because if you’re serving life for murder you shouldn’t be allowed all these little perks, especially if it’s going to keep fuelling his obsession,” she said.

Although Twitchell was prevented from watching the series while awaiting trial in a separate facility, similar sanctions have not been levied against the former filmmaker since his transfer to Saskatchewan Penitentiary.

A National Post investigation revealed the convicted murder has access to over 60 cable TV channels – including one that broadcasts Dexter – all of which can be watched on his flat screen television in his private cell.

According to prison letters, Twitchell has stated he has now watched every episode of the four Dexter seasons he missed since his arrest and subsequent murder conviction.

Sources: National Post


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