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'It Broke My Heart': Chihuahua Mourns His Canine Companion's Death (Video)

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Houston woman Lauren Kribbs saw a pair of Chihuahuas playing at a nearby park for months, until Tuesday evening when she saw that one had been hit by a car and the other was mourning.

“He kept trying to wake her up,” Kribbs said. “It broke my heart.”

The young dog never left his friend’s side after somehow pulling her small body out of the road and into a grassy ditch. On Wednesday morning the dog was still guarding his friend’s body, and Kribbs knew she had to take action.

Kribbs posted a video to YouTube and Reddit called “poor doggy” and asked for help providing a home for the dog. In the video, Kribbs puts a leash around the dog’s neck and pulls him away from his friend’s body. As she pulled him away, he turned around to take one last look at his friend.

Help arrived for the Chihuahua after one Reddit user Amanda Luckey watched the video and offered to provide a temporary foster home for the dog. She also provided a sweater and a trip to the vet’s office.

The help "reinforces my faith in humanity. It puts another thought in your head that dogs aren't just animals without feelings,” Kribbs said. “It shows they mourn just like we do."

The dog had no tags or any indication of ownership, so it’s likely that Luckey will adopt the dog or that someone else will. Kribbs recommended that the dog should be named Romeo, since he lost his Juliet. 

Sources: ABC News, Video 11 / Photo Credit: ABC


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