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Devon Williams Electrocuted During Alleged Attempted Burglary In Wisconsin

Officials believe that Devon Williams was attempting to break into a business when he was electrocuted on Sunday evening. The 38-year-old was pronounced dead at the scene.

WTMJ noted that According to the Medical Examiner's report, the man was observed hanging over the roof of Greer Tire in Milwaukee by an employee who had stepped out for a cigarette break. The man was found unresponsive by the Milwaukee Fire Department.

"There was a man slumped over the edge of the roof, right by where the electrical connections are coming in," Pat Greer told WISN.

Investigators believe Williams had cut two thick wires to the building, but had been protected by his rubber shoes and rubber handles on his bolt cutters.

Employees of We Energies investigated the scene and believe that Williams leaned over to cut a third wire when he made contact with the aluminum siding on the building, causing live current to flow through his body.

It’s thought that Williams was possibly trying to break into the business in an attempt to steal copper and We Energies employees told investigators that numerous copper wire thefts had been reported in that vicinity.

Investigators also believe that Williams had an accomplice with a ladder, but the partner likely took off after the electrocution.

Sources: WTMJ, WISN


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