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Developing Story: Shots Fired on Virginia Tech Campus

The scene of the worst school shooting in the nation's history again has been hit by gunfire -- shots were fired on the campus of Virginia Tech.

Details are still sketchy but multiple reports confirm several shots were fired in the parking lot of the school's Coliseum Thursday afternoon. Virginia Tech's website says a police officer was shot, and there could be a second victim.

A frantic search is underway right now for the gunman, the school website writes:

Suspect described as white male, gray sweat pants, gray hat w/neon green brim, maroon hoodie and backpack.

Students are being urged to stay indoors.

In 2007 a gunman opened fire inside the school killing 32 students and faculty before turning the gun on himself.

UPDATE: 11:00am PT

CNN reports that the police officer and the other victim were killed. The officer was apparently making a traffic stop when he was shot.

UPDATE: 3:05 p.m. PT

According to the Associated Press: A gunman walked into a parking lot and killed a Virginia Tech police officer who was conducting a traffic stop on campus Thursday, state police said.

Sgt. Robert Carpentieri said it appeared that the shooter was not in the car that had been pulled over. The sergeant said another officer later spotted a second person in a different parking lot who was alive at the time. That person, a white man, later died of a gunshot wound.

Police would not say during a Thursday afternoon news conference whether the second dead person was the gunman who killed the officer. However, a law enforcement official who had knowledge of the case and spoke on condition of anonymity told The Associated Press that the gunman was believed to be dead.


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