Detroit Woman Shot Dead After She Rejected Man At Social Club


A young woman who rejected the advances of a man inside of a social hall in Detroit became a victim of his wrath when he reportedly shot her dead Saturday night.

Mary Spears, 27, was reportedly attending an event at a hall in East Detroit when a 38-year-old man approached her and tried to engage her in conversation, reports WDIV Detroit. Witnesses say the woman wasn’t interested in him and that he had to be escorted out of the hall by a security guard.

The disgruntled man then allegedly got into a fight with a man outside of the club, pulled out a gun and opened fire on the crowd.

The suspect allegedly found Spears and fatally shot her in the head.

He also reportedly shot five other people – wounding three women, ages 23, 32 and 41 and two men, ages 28 and 30, reports the Detroit Free Press. The victims were all shot in the leg or hip and are expected to recover. Two of the victims remained hospitalized on Monday.

The suspect attempted to flee on foot after the shootings, according to police. He has since been taken into custody and his weapon has been recovered. It isn’t clear whether he has been charged with a crime yet.

Sources: WDIV Detroit, Detroit Free Press

Photo Credit: jayneandd/Flickr, WDIV Detroit


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