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Detroit Woman Patricia Jones Confronts Thieves, Waits An Hour For Police

A Detroit homeowner who noticed thugs messing with her property called the Detroit Police Department to report what was going on, but when the officers finally arrived nearly an hour later, it was too late.

Patricia Jones was looking out her front door when she observed one man taking bricks out of her flowerbed and four other men pulling the wheels off of a car that they had parked in front of her house.

Jones assumed that the car was stolen and that the bricks were going to be used to hoist the car in the air. She left the confines of her home to confront the men.

"He pointed a gun at me like this, and he said, 'Get your a-- back in the house," Jones said of the incident. "Your life [isn't] worth ... two bricks.'"

Jones went back into her home and dialed 911. She then went back outside and told the suspect who had threatened her that she had the license plate number of the car and that she knew he and the other men were stealing it. Jones also mentioned the theft of her bricks, My Fox Detroit reported.

When the police arrived, the thieves had already left the area. When Jones asked what had taken them so long, she said she was told that the DPD was in the middle of a roll-call, and that no police cars are dispatched during that time.

A spokeswoman from the DPD said the department has no such policy and that cars are dispatched based on availability.

Sources: My Fox Detroit, Silo Breaker


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