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Detroit Woman Opens Fire On Home Intruders (Video)

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Images and reports of deserted streets, widespread crime and delayed emergency response times have made Detroit a symbol of America’s economic downturn. Although the city has been through several major setbacks throughout recent history, it is still surviving and attempting to recover and return to the thriving metropolis that it once was. 

Still, crime throughout the city remains widespread.

Security footage recently captured an astonishing instance of crime and the incredible effort that it took to prevent further damage from happening. 

In order to protect herself and her two children, a woman in a Detroit home responded to three teens who were attempting to rob her home by firing rounds from an assault rifle at them.

The woman spoke with WXYZ Detroit regarding the incident, claiming that she exchanged words with her intruders, warning them before firing her weapon.

“I let them know I had a gun once they were in the house and they challenged me and said ‘no you don’t have a gun’ so that’s when I shot off the first round,” the woman said.

The video depicts the three intruders running out of the woman's back door and through her snow-covered backyard, one of them dropping a weapon in the process. Shots ring out as the robbers attempt to escape.

According to the Daily Mail, the footage was captured because the family had installed cameras after a similar break-in had occurred. 

The woman claimed that her adrenaline took over in the moments prior to firing her gun.

“I wasn’t feeling anything at the moment," she said, adding, "I got scared afterwards."

No one was injured in the incident, and it is unclear whether any criminal proceedings are going to occur.


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