Detroit Woman Discovers Something Horrifying In Abandoned Home (Video)


A woman discovered a horrific scene in an abandoned home in Detroit, Michigan (video below).

The Michigan Humane Society said it received a call from the woman on Dec. 9 saying she had discovered a hanged dog in an abandoned house in her neighborhood, MHS spokesman Ryan McTeague told WWJ TV.

The woman said she became suspicious when she saw a man enter the home with a dog, and then leave without the animal a short time later. 

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McTeague told WWJ TV that the woman waited a while before entering the home. When she did, she found the pit bull hanging dead by a chain from the ceiling.

Investigators from the MHS Cruelty Squad are now searching for the dog's owner.  

"We were able to get out there and confirm that there was a dog that had been hanged, recently," McTeague told WWJ TV.

He added that investigators also rescued another dog they found running around in sewer water in the basement of the home. The animal is currently at the MHS Center for Animal Care.

The man who brought the dog into the house has been described as a "heavyset black male," WXYZ reported.

MHS has offered a $2,500 reward for information leading to the suspect.

If found, he could face felony charges and up to four years in prison.

"This is an absolutely despicable act and the person who is responsible for this needs to be brought to justice," Debby MacDonald, MHS chief cruelty investigator, said in a press release, reported WXYZ. "We as a community cannot accept that our animals will fall victims to this unspeakable cruelty."

McTeague urged pet owners to turn unwanted pets over to MHS.

"If there’s a situation where you no longer want your pet, or can't keep your pet, please reach out to the Michigan Humane Society; we’re an organization that can help," he said. “Never resort to something like this. It’s absolutely senseless, heartless and there’s no reason for it."

Sources: WWJ TV, WXYZ / Photo credit: WXYZ

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